In his Palpable Art Manifesto of 1969, Paul Neagu writes that art must give up its purely visual aesthetic, demanding that any consideration of art be based upon all sensory perceptions, supplemented by touch, smell, taste and hearing.

Paul Neagu (1938–2004) was a universal artist who worked in sculpture, performance art and drawing in presentations uniting the different media. His aim was to develop a visual idiom that would be understood across cultures but which is complex in terms of demands and investigations. Born in Bucharest and settling in London in 1971, Neagu was inspired by the clash of systems in the Cold War to transcend political systems, historical eras, and geographical spaces as a communicator.

The exhibition is curated by Georg Schöllhammer, Magda Radu and  Friedemann Malsch. A production of Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein in collaboration with the artist's estate. 

  • Guided tours
  • Thu, 20.5.2021