Modulations of colour and structural rhythms are the defining elements in the current work of Bruno Kaufmann (*1944 in Balzers).

His posits are not based on the painterly gesture of the brushstroke, instead Kaufmann generates his visual worlds by means of calculations on the computer, that he has been using consistently since the 1980s as a tool for composing his artworks. His digital visual worlds are therefore founded on a systematic order of colour and form and modulations of these elements. The camera also plays a key role in devising numerous images: Kaufmann extracts a narrow strip from photographed motifs such as a landscape, spreading it over the entire surface of the painting and thereby widening the range of options of colour and form available to him.

This presentation features both recent works and works since the 1970s and affords an insight into the artist's entire oeuvre: "When I look back on my work and consider the red thread that runs through all of my works, then it is reflection on the surface and structure of the image. […] Even if my works sometimes took on a three-dimensional character, they were to be understood not as sculptures but rather as two-dimensional surfaces in three dimensions. The endeavour to lend the character of objects to my works was always just as much a search for reality and knowledge."