The exhibition When Gods Roamed… provides a view of the wealth of myths which became the subjects of paintings throughout the centuries.

The collections of the Prince of Liechtenstein are among the most important private art collections in the world. Prince Karl Eusebius (1611-1684), a patron and passionate collector of painting, sculpture and applied arts, is considered to be the founder of the collection. His son Prince Johann Adam Andreas I. (1657-1712) expanded the collection with, among numerous other works, important paintings by Peter Paul Rubens, Antonis van Dyck, and other Flemish masters. These works contributed significantly to the collection´s worldwide renown today.

Dutch masters, among them a work by Rembrandt, as well as a large number of Italian paintings from the 14th to the 18th centuries, also belong to the collection. Today, the collections are still being expanded, with the acquisition of works from the Late Middle Ages to the mid-19th century.

In the course of their 400-year long collecting activities, the Princes of Liechtenstein have shown a special interest in such works - especially in those which accommodated their social and cultural need for representation. Thus, over the centuries, a collection of works of art was put together in which not only famous names of painters and sculptors such as Rembrandt, Rubens, Jordaens, Batoni, Duquesony, Susini, Rauchmiller, and Soldani resonate, but in which the loveliest stories from Greek and Roman antiquity are told.

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  • When Gods Roamed …
    Exhibition view Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, © Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein
  • When Gods Roamed …
    Exhibition view Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, © Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein
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  • Tue, 20.3.2001
  • Tue 20.3.


    When Gods Roamed...