Regina Marxer (* 1951) explores the conditions of painting in her pictures.

The group of works known as Der Grund (The Ground) dates to 2011–2013. In the traditional style, the artist applied a ground to square canvases (160 x 160 cm), the usual base for oil painting. However, instead of using the ground as a base on which to paint, she made the ground itself visible by means of pencil hatching, thus bringing what is in itself insignificant to the fore. Her installation Wir (We) dates to 2005. The starting point on variously coloured canvases is in each case a black and a white dot, followed by multi-coloured, individually painted dots. Marxer cultivated the dots to create her own "democratic" visual idiom, giving rise to a tremendous variety. Language plays a pivotal role in her work, a fact already reflected by her titles.

This collection display affords an insight into the artist's main bodies of work.

  • Guided tours
  • Thu, 11.3.2021