The exhibition Composition 19/20 is the fifth presentation of works from the collection of the Hilti Art Foundation since opening its exhibition building in May 2015.

The show features thirty-three paintings, sculptures, photographs and other pictorial works that revolve around the themes "Epidermis", "Conditio humana" and "Cosmos" in what is an epoch-spanning display.

In the first room of the exhibition the focus is on the epidermis, the "skin" or surface of artworks consisting of a wide range of materials including wax, cement, canvas, plastic and photographic paper. In the second room, paintings and sculptures from the classical modern period spotlight the circumstances of life as conditions of human existence. The third floor looks at the theme "Cosmos" as a consideration and artistic interpretation of the world with regard to natural and abstract orders.

The exhibition is curated by Uwe Wieczorek, curator of the Hilti Art Foundation.

  • Opening
  • Thu, 31.10.2019
  • Guided tours
  • Thu, 7.11.2019