National Day on August 15

Guided Tours and Family Programme

On Liechtenstein's national holiday, the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein is providing an opportunity for “art” breaks. A space is being prepared outside the museum where visitors can take a break and watch what's going on around them and in the museum. Inside the museum, the exhibition rooms offer an opportunity for some “time-out” from the general hustle and bustle.

Specially for the national holiday, every half hour from 2 – 6.30 pm short guided tours are offered. These will last 25 minutes and provide visitors with an overall impression of the exhibitions and the work of the museum. Children can engage in various activities, exploring and experimenting under the professional supervision of the museum's Art Education Team.

Programme overview
2pm - 6.30pm: Short guided tours through the exhibition
2pm - 6pm: Children activities
10am - 8pm: Free admission into the exhibition halls