Foundation Board

This board is responsible for the management of the Kunstmuseum and sets out its basic direction. The board issues the statutes, lays down the policy governing the collecting activities, and determines which exhibitions are mounted. It chooses the director and adopts the annual estimate, the yearly accounts and the annual report.

The board consists of seven members appointed by the government for four years. The president of the board is chosen by the government.

Members of the board, 2015-2018 / 2017-2020

- Franziska Goop-Monauni, president
- Dr. Norbert Hilty, vice-president
- Hanni Schierscher
- Claudia Fritsche
- Dr. Michael Oberhuber
- Barbara Schneider
- Roland Seger

Legal Basis

Law regarding the "Foundation Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein", LGBl. 2000 No 137