Acquisition Board

The acquisition borad is consists of internationally acclaimed art experts.

Members of the Acquisition Board
- Dr. Ulrike Groos, Stuttgart
- Dr. Roman Kurzmeyer, Basel
- Dr. Georg Schöllhammer, Wien

International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board is composed of three internationally recognized experts from the art- and museum world. Members are appointed by the board of the Foundation usually for four years.

Its responsibilities include:
- advising the board of the Foundation and the director on all specialized and strategic questions;
- building an international museum network;
- participating in the expansion of the collection through loans or donations, as well as by means of development of international grants and sponsors.

Members International Advisory Board:
- Dr. Edelbert Köb, Wien
- Prof. Dr. Carla Schulz-Hoffmann, München
- Dr. Philipp Ursprung, Zürich