Ins Bild setzen - Zeichnen im Kunstmuseum

The Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein is an art venue that encourages its visitors to open their eyes and enter into dialogue with the works on show.

The programme of the art education is geared towards the current exhibitions and aimed particularly at children, young people and adults. It encourages a lively, active engagement with the artworks and supports various kinds of individual approaches to art.

The main emphasis is on dialogue, a conversation which involves the viewers' personal impressions and queries. At the same time, this exchange through dialogue provides scope for acquiring objective information and engaging in a personal encounter. The pedagogical practice is rounded off by playfully experimental forms of art education and a range of activities in the museum's own art studio.

The art education team
Christina Jacoby (Head art education),
Doris Defranceschi, Dieter Fromherz, Beate Frommelt, Ingeborg Hilty, Ruth Jochum-Gasser, Sabina Studer

Phone: + 423 / 235 03 00

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