The upcoming exhibition features painting, sculpture and graphic art by a total of twenty-two artists.

It presents body, gesture and space in a double sense: on the one hand, as depiction, for example as human form, as the movement of a hand or as sacred architecture, as in the work of Ferdinand Hodler, Leiko Ikemura and Thomas Struth; on the other, as concrete manifestation, for example as pictorial object, as recognisably physical action on a material or as factual image space, as with Gotthard Graubner, Callum Innes and Lucio Fontana.

In view of a range of highly diverse works, the question immediately arises as to the interrelationship of body, gesture and space. Is space an essential precondition for the presence of the body? Or is it rather the body that gives rise to space? Does the gesture form an organic link between body and space? And how do the form of expression and meaning of the gesture affect the outward form of body and space? These questions are aimed not only at art but also at human sensory perception in general.

The exhibition is curated by Uwe Wieczorek, curator of the Hilti Art Foundation.