To mark the eightieth birthday of the artist from Liechtenstein/Vorarlberg (Feldkirch 1937–2000 Vaduz) on 15 December, the Kunstmuseum is presenting the majority of the works of A.M. Jehle held in the collection.

Her artistic work evolved from the late 1960s to the 1980s at a time when female artists were hardly heeded or accepted.

Jehle's often made use of the possibilities of the comic and satirical, for example in the wall ensembles perfect and erfolgreich in the form of red crocheted writing. Ich bin daheim, in contrast, depicts a self-portrait in the black of the canvas rendered in Kurrent script, that was already outdated at that time. These three wall pieces not only bespeak a sarcastic and melancholy examination of aspects of everyday life and the private sphere, but also, in the subtext, demonstrate the ambivalence of an existence as a female artist.

Admission to the exhibition is free of charge.

  • Guided tours
  • Thu, 6.7.2017
  • Thu 6.7.

    Guided tour

    From the collection: Anne Marie Jehle
    with Dagmar Streckel