This collection presentation is an experimental set-up as part of the GORGONA exhibition intended to put the work of Mangelos in a dialogically disparate context.

Mangelos (1921–1987), a member of the GORGONA Group, focuses on the inherent problem of art of adequately reconciling form and content. Marked by the catastrophic events of the Second World War, this examination began with a negation of what had gone before and an attempt to create anti-referential and anti-metaphorical objects. After completely emptying the surface in his Tabula Rasa series, Mangelos devoted his attention to the representation of writing, signs and manifesto-like messages.

On the first floor, room 4, visitors see a collection of works that focus on specific points of intersection between affirmation and negation, works that are (no) stories, (no) paintings or (no) metaphors.

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  • (No)stories. (No)paintings. (No)metaphors