The four Liechtenstein artists Martha Büchel-Hilti, Brigitte Hasler, Martina Morger and Martin Wohlwend are giving a joint insight into their current artistic work.

"Wos ned spinnt, do tuachets ned." An old local proverb that means: You cannot make fabric without spinning, where "spinning" in the figurative sense means to be crazy—so, you cannot arrive at creative results if you don't think crazy thoughts. The works made especially for the "Seitenlichtsaal" coincide by means of different thread systems: in the fabric. Moments embroidered in fabric, social fabrics woven together, entangled in space-time, flat entities reach out into three dimensions, connecting the intangible with dense reality.

The cooperation with the municipality of Vaduz also gives six artists the opportunity to showcase their current works together at Kunstraum Engländerbau. In addition to Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein and Engländerbau in Vaduz, the municipal cultural centres of Ruggell, Eschen, Balzers, Triesen, Schaan and Mauren are also participating in the 2nd Triennial. A total of forty members of the professional association of visual artists in Liechtenstein will be affording an insight into their work from the past three years during these six weeks.

The exhibitions at Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein and Kunstraum Engländerbau are curated by Dagmar Streckel.

Admission to the "Seitenlichtsaal" is free of charge.

  • Sun 26.8.


    2nd Triennial
    A project by visarte.liechtenstein
  • Thu 30.8.


    100 physical pieces
    by Martina Morger and Wassili Widmer