For the first time Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein is presenting a selection of material from the extensive Ferdinand Nigg holdings in the Barbey-Schlegel collection, which has been on permanent loan to the Museum since this year.

The show features numerous paper and embroidery works along with powerful sketches and designs by this important artist from Liechtenstein, who created most of his diverse work out of the public eye. In addition to his artistic work, he was also a teacher at Cologne's school of applied arts and craftsmen for almost twenty years.

Ferdinand Nigg (1865–1949) is one of the artists who discovered embroidery as a medium, harnessing this technique to realise modern design principles. The many different art movements that evolved in the early 20th century are palpable in his work, even though it can be attributed to none of these styles. Nigg's entire oeuvre is fascinating for the virtuosity of the embroidery and drawing with which he rendered his existential and spiritual themes.

  • Guided tours
  • Thu, 6.2.2020
  • Thu 6.2.

    Guided tour

    What is the Present? How the Future Flows into the Past.
    Ferdinand Nigg from the Barbey-Schlegel Collection
    with Christiane Meyer-Stoll