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Ideas for do-it-yourself activities

Inspired by our actual program, we have put together some activities here. You can try them out at home. We would love to receive any photos and feedback by email to kunstvermittlung@kunstmuseum.li

  • Plant portrait

    Our next major exhibition is called "Parliament of Plants".

    It will feature artworks which explore the relationships and interactions between human beings and plants. Many naturalists and artists have drawn plants in order to study them. The aim was to document their particular qualities. Or their discovery in a faraway country. The pictures were also used to compare them with other plants. Or simply to depict the beauty of plants.


    Is there a plant in your home, in the fields or in the woods or elsewhere that you really like? What are the characteristics of this plant? What does it do for you? What do you do for it?


    Do you recall an experience with a plant?


    Please send us a picture of your plant or of you both.


    Use an upright sheet of A4 paper for your plant portrait. You can draw, photograph or do a collage. We'll collect the pictures and present them in our interactive Wunderkammer. It would be great if you could write your answers to our questions as well.


    The address is:

    Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein


    Städtle 32, 9490 Vaduz



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