Sculpture Walks

Before Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein opened in 2000, the only visible traces of the State Collection were the sculptures of the Liechtenstein State Art Collection – the predecessor institution of the Kunstmuseum – that were spread out all over the country.


The express aim of the collecting policy ever since the foundation of the State Art Collection in 1968 was to establish an international collection of sculpture. As of 1985, thanks to renowned private donors, it was finally possible to purchase sculptures intended for public space. In addition, in 1995 Georg Malin, then conservator of the State Art Collection, installed a sculpture garden in the garden of the Stein Egerta adult education centre for which various site-specific sculptures were made.


When the Hilti Art Foundation annexe and the new museum square opened, several sculptures were relocated. The revamp of the sculpture garden in Stein Egerta in 2016 also entailed various relocations, with works being set up at Gutenberg Castle, among other venues.

Skulpturengarten Stein Egerta, Schaan:

Sarojaplatz, Planken:

North side Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, Vaduz:

Postplatz, Vaduz:

Peter Kaiser Platz, Vaduz:

Liechtensteinisches Gymnasium, Vaduz:

Burg Gutenberg, Balzers:

Kirchhügel, Bendern: