Thursday Night

Every Thursday night the museum offers events such as films, lectures, and discussions, all of which focus on the exhibitions in different ways, testing new viewpoints and engaging intensively with the world of art.

  • Public guided tours

    You can find details about public guided tours on current exhibitions in our Thursday evening programme. Tours begin at 6 p.m.

  • Image pigeons and language vehicles

    A transdisciplinary series of talks

    Initiated in 2015 in cooperation with Liechtensteinische Kunstgesellschaft, this series of talks provides a platform for scientists from various disciplines to traverse different geographic and temporal conceptual spaces and to open up new approaches to, and views on, art in their talks. 

    Image pigeons and language vehicles: Two fictitious concepts evocative of images and language, carrier pigeons and the vehicle as a means of transport. Different perspectives are suggested and outlined in a playful manner: how are images and ideas conveyed? What aspects can be projected by language? Visitors are invited to embark on a journey through the world of scientific thinking and to immerse themselves in fields of association and as yet unknown ways of communication. 

    The title of the series of talks alludes to the term "Automobile Bilderfahrzeuge" (automobile image vehicles) coined by the art historian and cultural scientist Aby Warburg (1866–1929) in 1929 to describe artistic creations and craftwork such as Andric tapestries. As souvenirs these mobile wall decorations enabled the exchange of pictorial traditions and visual imagery between cultures and across geographical spaces. Warburg devoted his studies to the fundamental relations between different visual worlds, analysing them from a multitude of perspectives – an approach that also informs and distinguishes these talks.

  • Filmclub at the Kunstmuseum

    Film and Video Art

    The unique selection for film lovers. 

    The filmclub at the Kunstmuseum offers a selected film programme every third Thursday each month. The programme is inspired by the exhibitions shown at the museum.


  • Carte blanche

    For one Thursday evening, one or several artists from all spheres of art are offered a platform in terms of time and space to present their current projects or main areas of practice, giving them a completely free hand – within the bounds of possibility – in programming the evening.


  • Studio Berlin

    Since autumn 2006, the country has been offering artists from Liechtenstein the opportunity to live and work in Berlin, one of the current centres of contemporary art, for several months. In a loose series of events, Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein and the Amt für Kultur invite artists who have stayed in Berlin to talk about their impressions, work and experience at an evening event in the Museum.