Hilti Art Foundation – Die Sammlung. Band 2: Kunst von 1950 bis heute

The part of the collection shown in Volume 2 contains in particular abstract and concrete art from 1950 to the present day which focuses on material, surface, space and movement as well as form, colour, rhythm and light. It includes works by Fontana, Klein, Manzoni, Uecker, Mack and Colombo as well as Albers, Bill, Fruhtrunk, von Graevenitz, Richter and Sonnier. There are major work complexes by Honegger, Graubner, Knoebel and Scully. A special position is occupied by photographs by Thomas Struth with their content aimed at civilisation and technology as well as nature and culture.
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Catalogue of the collection (German edition)

Editor: Hilti Art Foundation, 2020
Language: German

Texts by J. Ryff, A. Schneider, U. Wieczorek
Dimensions: 23,5 x 30 cm, hardcover
355 pages with approx. 180 coloured illustrations

Price: CHF 54.90