This face mask—also known as a community mask—is a piece of blue cotton print displaying the words “the questions to your answers” in white. The shade used for the fabric is called bleu de travail, which translates literally as the “blue of work”. The codes for this colour are RGB: 0 61 165, HEX/HTML: 003DA5, CMYK: 100 76 0 9 and Pantone: 293 C. The French expression bleu de travail also describes a simple garment of strong material dyed blue, with a few pockets for a folding rule and tools, comfortable to wear and easy to wash. (RELAX, 2020)

This critical analysis of the significance of economic values and the status of art and its players is intrinsic to the work of the artist group RELAX (chiarenza & hauser & co). Their name is equally the formulation of a working method that integrates co-operations and a host of artistic media.

Marie-Antoinette Chiarenza (* 1957 in Tunis, Tunisia) and Daniel Hauser (* 1959 in Bern, Switzerland) live and work in Zürich, Switzerland.
"the questions to your answers"
The mask as bleu de travail, 2020
Inkjet print on 100% cotton
HeiQ Viroblock technology
Washable 30 to 40 times at 60°
Edition: 470 + 30 AP
Published by: Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, Vaduz

Price: CHF 35.00