Catalogues 2006-2010

Monika Sosnowska

In her installations that echo the formal language of constructivist avant-garde, minimal and conceptual tendencies of the 60s and the 70s as well as a heritage of modernist architecture, Monika Sosnowska constructs a physical and conceptual labyrinth, a post-narrative, inner world of spatiality, staged in a sequence of interventions that emphasize space’s virtualities and potentials.
Kataloge 2007 Sosnowska.jpg
Publisher: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Cologne, 2007
Language: English / German
With texts by Will Bradley, Adam Budak, Christian Kerez, Friedemann Malsch, Monika Sosnowska, Jan Verwort and Michal Wolinski
Dimenstions: 20,5 x 25 cm, softcover, 120 pages
Editor: Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

Price: CHF 29.00