Catalogues 2006-2010

Gotthard Graubner. Malerei

Gotthard Graubner’s creative energy has led to an oeuvre that is based on observation and concept, on experience and idea. It is as individual as it is supra-individual, as time-bound as it is timeless. It activates not only the eye but also body and mind. It has been refreshingly youthful for decades and is now addition ally enhanced by the attention to essentials that comes with age. It speaks of free dom and humanity and yet wants to be nothing but painting, “absolute painting” that neither depicts the visible nor illustrates the literary, for its subject matter is itself alone, and its means of expression.
[Excerpt from the catalogue text.]
Kataloge 2010 Graubner.jpg
Publisher: Richter Verlag, Düsseldorf 2010
Language: English/German
With texts by Friedemann Malsch (foreword), Uwe Wieczorek
Harcover, 144 pages
Editor: Uwe Wieczorek, curator Hilti art foundation

Price: CHF 58.50