Nora Turato

This edition was made for the exhibition Nora Turato. explained away. Turato had a special typeface designed based on her handwriting for the show. The style of the typeface derives from the process of editing her performances to determine word melody and intonation and to internalise the texts for recital. By creating the typeface, Turato had a personal means of expression systematised. Is the artist asking how our use of language changes as automation increases?

Turato often takes an ironic look at social roles in her work. "the mothers in movies are either gone or useless" is an excerpt from a passage that she recites in her performances. The section concerns the loss of dignity of mothers who take care only of their children, but not themselves. The advice given by one mother is, "You’re only really elegant when no one notices you." The plot goes on with the theory that mothers are either effaced or depicted as useless in Hollywood movies because of male womb envy.
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"the mothers in movies are either gone or useless", 2019
Lithograph on paper, signed, dated and numbered verso
Sheet: 59.4 × 42 cm
Edition: 50 + 5 AP
Published by Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, Vaduz
Price: CHF 290 (unframed), plus CHF 150.– with frame

Price: CHF 290.00