C4 consists of four solo exhibitions of artists invited by Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein to explore the museum’s collection in their presentation.

All of the artists share a special approach to telling stories: by reactivating memories, blending facts and reconstructions, questioning images and events, the works on show pan out a new perspective on historical time so as to take an active role in interpreting the present. In addition, the exhibition sets out to reflect the idea of a flowing museum in which each new temporary exhibition gives fresh impetus to the existing holdings. In the spirit of productive "forgetting", the artists are invited to take an unaccustomed look at the museum's holdings and to focus on issues of social relevance. In the course of their various careers, the three artists and artist duo have dealt with themes of difference, the marginalisation and history of subcultures, and the effects of urban transformations on mental and physical space. Based on an interdisciplinary approach, the exhibition also features elements of performance and sound.

Nazgol Ansarinia (1979 Tehran, lives and works in Tehran)
Mercedes Azpilicueta (1981 La Plata, Argentina, lives and works in Amsterdam)
Invernomuto (Simone Bertuzzi [1983] and Simone Trabucchi [1982] have been collaborating as Invernomuto since 2003 and live in Milan and Vernasca)
Diamond Stingily (1990 Chicago, lives and works in New York)

A production of Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, curated by Letizia Ragaglia.



More pictures to this exhibition

  • C<sup>4</sup>
    Exhibition view, Nazgol Ansarinia, photo: Sandra Maier
  • C<sup>4</sup>
    Exhibition view, Mercedes Azpilicueta, photo: Sandra Maier
  • C<sup>4</sup>
    Exhibition view, Diamond Stingily, photo: Stefan Altenburger Photography, Zurich
  • C<sup>4</sup>
    Exhibition view, Invernomuto, photo: Stefan Altenburger Photography, Zurich
  • Sun, 4.9.2022
  • Opening
  • Thu, 19.5.2022
  • Guided tours
  • Thu, 2.6.2022