The guided tours and workshops at Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein bring the artworks to life and allow you to explore art in many different ways.

In the Museum's own studio, children and young adults can try out various artistic techniques and add depth to what they have seen in the form of hands-on activities.

  • Guided tours and workshops for nurseries and school classes

    The guided tours and workshops at the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein provide lively access to artworks and a chance to explore art in various ways. At the museum's own workshop children and young people can gather experience with artistic techniques and intensify what they have seen through their own practical work.


    The guided tours and workshops are suitable for all forms of kindergartens and schools and children of all ages, and are adapted to the needs of the respective groups.



    90 minutes (guided-tour)

    120 minutes (workshop)



    CHF 70.– (guided-tour)

    CHF 95.– (workshop)

    Free admission for groups of children and school pupils.



    By arrangement



  • Visiting the Museum with the class (without art education services)

    Admission to Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein is free for school classes and nursery groups.
    If you are visiting the Kunstmuseum with your class without a museum educator, please register your group in advance.


    You can bring paper and pencils into the exhibition rooms. We'll be happy to give your our "Class Box" with paper, pencils and clipboards.


    Admission is free for teachers visiting the Museum to plan their visit to an exhibition. Teachers receive a 20% discount on current exhibition catalogues.

  • Every year in November: Schools Week for Universal Children’s Day

    With special events to mark Universal Children's Day on 20 November and a theme for the year Kinderlobby Liechtenstein draws attention to children's rights.
    Various institutions in Liechtenstein, including Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, work together in this network, planning and coordinating activities for children and young adults.

    Every year in November – around Universal Children's Day – Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein holds a week of special events for Universal Children's Day. During this week, art education services are free of charge for schools and nurseries!

  • Kunst mit! New ways to engage with art for schoolgoers from the Rheintal region

    As part of the project "Kunst mit! New ways to engage with art for schoolgoers from the Rheintal region" Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein invites year 7 to 11 school classes to get to know and discover art and the Museum in a special way.


    "Kunst mit!" was developed in the 2013/2014 school year and tested in a pilot phase. In the second year of the project, 2015, further school classes were able to take part in the all-day workshops. So far, 20 school classes from Liechtenstein, Austria and Switzerland have taken part in "Kunst mit!".


    Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein offers this successful project concept to schoolgoers aged around 12 to 19 for selected group exhibitions.


    "Kunst mit!" is ready – for new classes and new exhibitions.
    We are still preparing the next dates. If you are interested, please contact our art education office.


    Further information
    ... available from the "Kunst mit!" website with details about the idea, procedure and an initial documentation of the project.


  • Introductions for teachers

    The museum's art education team invites teachers to get to know the current exhibitions and familiarize themselves with the artworks. The main focus is on encountering artistic works, their momentum, and their references to the world, all of which enables links to be formed between different realms of knowledge and different school subjects.


    In dialogue form and in combination with practical exercises. Methodological advice is given on independent visits to the museum with their respective school classes. These introductions for teachers take place in the first weeks after an exhibition opening.



    Susanne Kudorfer



    Free of charge for all teachers

  • Introductory guided tours for teacher teams

    Have you been meaning to visit Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein for a long time now? To take a look behind the scenes of the exhibitions? In the material store, delivery area, the administration offices, the Museum's studio? What art education services are available? What opportunities does the Museum offer as a place of education outside school? ...


    We invite teacher teams from nurseries and schools from the region to get to know Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein better.

    The introductory guided tours for teacher teams are free of charge.


    Inquire for dates and subjects.

    Please get in touch with us!


    Art education

    Susanne Kudorfer / Head of art education

    Tel +423 235 03 21

      Information, registration and booking

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