The guided tours and workshops at Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein bring the artworks to life and allow you to explore art in many different ways.

In the Museum's own studio, children and young adults can try out various artistic techniques and add depth to what they have seen through hands-on activities.





  • Current program

    Von Körper zu Körpern

    guided tours and workshops

    60 min. - 90 min., in the exhibition and studio


    A soapbubble, a fleety breath of air, hovers through the landscape of brazil, silent and observing. Rivane Neuenschwander, the contemporary latinamerican artist, examines the body and bodies in her work as common ground a common language, a mean of protection but also a barriere, connecting the inside with the outside. Through her work she examines in a scientific manner, concerns of today's society. What do we wish for? What do we fear? In the name of fear she collects fears of children and with them she develops protective capes. In Installations she demonstrates natural cycles and questions our role.

    This program can be combined with a visit to «Körper – Geste – Raum» at the Hilti Art Foundation.

    In the museums studio and the exhibition space we are working with movement, narration, fabric, paper and paint.


    guided tour with practical activities (60 min.) CHF 70.-

    with workshop (90 min) CHF 95.-

    A follow up visit CHF 50.-


    We are following the Covid-19 safety measurements




  • Visiting the exhibitions on your own

    Visiting the exhibitions on your own

    With your school-class or nurserie you enjoy free entry to the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein. We would like you to inform us about your visit in advance via mail or call.


    During november, the month of children's rights our art education program is free of charge.




  • For teachers

    Introductions to current exhibitions

    This is an offer for teachers from elementary to secondary school in cooperation with the Schulamt Liechtenstein and the PH Vorarlberg. For Informations on upcoming introductions please check out our calendar.


    Guided tours for teacher teams

    Would you like to be introduced to the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein? Get a glimpse into our daily routines, while receiving informations on what we would show your students? We invite teacher teams from nurseries to schools from the region to get in touch with us. This offer is free of charge.

    The entry for teachers preparing for an exhibition visit is free. Teachers receive a discount of 20% on current publications.


    When registering for our newsletter, we will keep you updated on our current programs.




  • Materials to work with in the classroom




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