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Anna Oppermann, Dahlie, 1977/78

Anna Oppermann

* 1940 in Eutin, Germany, † 1993 in Celle, Germany

Dahlie, 1977/78

Wooden commode, mixed media on canvas, b/w photographs, handwritten notes, press cuttings, St Bernard's lily
86 x 90 x 46 cm,
canvas 120 x 120 cm

Kienzle Art Foundation / Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, Vaduz

Dahlie (Dahlia) is a multi-part, delicately composed "ensemble" that embraces its surroundings, spreading out like an organic growth, almost like a living organism. The starting point is a domestic object, a wooden commode from which a myriad of narrative threads seem to develop with the aid of different media. Painting, drawing, text, image and found object lead into an edi ce of continuous analysis that documents, circumscribes, reflects, condenses in repetition, and constantly refers back to its own genesis. Searching for coherent meaning, the viewer is increasingly thrown back upon his own process of perception in order to continue what is presented here.

In her artistic practice, Anna Oppermann operates on the basis of both methodical ordering and associative improvisation, thus attempting to lend expression to the complexity of the world in a way that can be constantly expanded. Usually inspired by an object from the outside surroundings, she develops her consciously fragmentary "analysis of knowledge", thereby confronting the viewer with the gesture of incompleteness.

Oppermann assigned one or several "reference plants", "subjects" and "keywords" to her ensembles. The reference plant of the Dahlie ensemble, in addition to the eponymous genus, a hardy herbaceous plant species, is also the St Bernhard's lily, that forms an inherent part of the object. What is more, Anna Oppermann includes the following written "instructions" – systematising, indicative and yet cryptic, impenetrable: H.H.1, perennial storage of tubers, biscuits, Torre di Asinelli2, piano for Elise, do something specifc about a certain person, test of character, e­protection against dirt and destruction, golden spot with eye.

Denise Rigaud

<b>Anna Oppermann, Dahlie, 1977/78</b>
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